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[August 2020] I am now a tenured researcher with the same group and the same institution. My position is called "Permanent Doctor Researcher".


[May 2019] The 2019 call for project proposals has been resolved. For (at least) 3 years, I will be the PI of the project Variation in the structuring of discourse: the grammar of perspective, clause typing and common ground management [VASTRUD] . More info here. The project has been granted a 4-year PhD fellowship, which means we will be able to hire a student to work on her PhD thesis. Profile will be on autism and language. Stay tuned for more info and contact me if you are interested.


[April 2019] I've been invited to give a talk at the workshop Functional categories and expressive meaning organized at CLT-UAB by Xavier Villalba and Andreas Trotzke , with the support of project FFI2017-82547-P (Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness). The workshop will take place on September 9-10, 2019.


[March 2019] HiTT organized its second GrOC-GaiGram meeting at the Centro de Investigación Micaela Portilla Ikergunea. More information on this event here .


[March 2019] The workshops Concessives vs. Adversatives: Opposing Opposition organized by Laia Mayol, Berit Gehrke and myself, and Emo 2019 organized by Katie Fraser and Curt Anderson, took place in Bremen, as part of the 41st Annual Meeting of the German Linguistc Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Sprachwissenschaft).


[August 2018] It's official! The book entitled The Semantics of Gradability, Vagueness, and Scale Structure. Experimental Perspectives, co-edited by Louise McNally, Galit W. Sassoon and myself, has been released. You can check it out here.


[August 2018] The SigGram Thematic Network (Significado y Gramática, MINECO, Ref. FFI2016-81750-REDT) organizes Sinn und Bedeutung 23 at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Check out the program and register to join us!


[August 2018] The MEAT team is organizing two workshops (Arbeitsgruppen) at the 41.Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft.


Elena Castroviejo, Behrit Gehrke and Laia Mayol are responsible for the workshop Concessives vs. Adversatives -- Opposing opposition. The deadline of the cfp is August 15.

Curt Anderson and Katherine E. Fraser are responsible for the workshop Encoding emotive attitudes in non-truth-conditional meaning.